The Martyrdom of the Báb

The Martyrdom of the Báb

Wednesday July 10th 6pm

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750 soldiers were lined up and fired on the two prisoners. The smoke from the rifles shut out the sun. When it cleared Anis stood in front of them unhurt and the Báb had disappeared. Eventually they found him in the prison room where they had spent the night, finishing his conversation with his secretary, which had been interrupted that morning. “I have finished my conversation with Siyyid Husayn” the Báb told the soldiers “now you may proceed to fulfil your intention. ”

Sam Khán, the leader of the soldiers, was so amazed he ordered his men to leave the barracks at once. He said he would have nothing more to do with the killing of the Báb, even if it cost him his life. Another regiment was brought up, and this time all the soldiers were Muslims. The Báb and His companion were again hung onto the barracks wall. Seven hundred and fifty shots were fired again and the Báb and Anis were killed.

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